‘Let’s Get Cosy Box’

It\"s here! What a joy it was to curate this little box of cosiness just in time for the chillier weather. Doe anyone else just LOVE Autumn? The colours, the sunsets, the hot chocolate! There\"s something really special about the colours of Nature throughout the Autumn months and I most certainly have all the cosy vibes going on at home! 
We all need a little reminder sometimes, a little nudge if you like, of just how amazing we are and how beautiful and brilliant our lives can be if we never lose hope. Autumn is all about hope & having faith ~ letting go of what we might not need in this moment to make space for what\"s next. I am taking my cues from Mother Nature right now and just going with the flow.
Autumn for toddlers, as i\"ve discovered over the past few weeks can bring a whole host of activity opportunities & inspiration! We\"ve made cards, wreaths, leaf-hangings; River is finding such joy in collecting what\"s fallen to the ground and making something with his little bag of Autumn treasures. Seeing the world through his eyes is also providing me with the opportunity to see the world as shiny & new again. Everything holds wonder ~ the way the rain hits our kitchen window, how every single stone on the beach is different, how an Autumn leaf gently falls from the sky, resting gently to start the process again. 
I created this box of Autumn goodness to help boost, calm, ground and energise. Each one includes original artwork by me and some lovely treats to make your home/space feel cozy, warm ~ like your very own retreat from the elements. I especially love the You Are Golden notebook which has a beautiful quote on the back. Of course, I can\"t forget the biscuit! Grab a cuppa, your notebook and biscuit and get ready for a cosy night in! You deserve it!

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With my love & encouragement,