Hello beautiful ones,

Thank you so much for stopping-by and welcome to NourishMe Wellness Box. My name is Holly, Mama to River and lover of anything that makes our beautiful bodies & minds glow! 

River was born at the beginning of the very first lockdown & I started sending little boxes of goodies to family & friends (from River), as a way of staying connected. It was good for me to focus my creativity on making & designing throughout this time & once I had my first order, I decided to make a small batch of boxes to trial. They sold out in a few days and since then, I’ve been gradually building-up the types of boxes I make, with the main emphasis being on self care, self love & nourishing your mind, body & soul.

More, now than ever, we need to make time for self care. It's so important to look after our wellbeing and to do the things that make us sparkle. These boxes have been created with so much love and my wish is that they spread happiness, love & light and that they make someone's day shine a bit more brightly.

For the past year, I have been holding workshops and retreats in pretty locations in St. Leonard’s & Hastings & I love creating these spaces for people to come together. 

Please take a little look and see what catches your eye either for yourself or a loved one. Every NourishMe Wellness Box is lovingly put together by me and I hope that they will remind you that you are Magic.

T H E  M A G I C  I S  I N  Y O U

All my love and encouragement,

Holly xxx