2022 Reflections

“Every new beginning comes from some other beginnings end”
It’s true, isn’t it? The closing of a chapter represents the beginning of a new one; a chance to reflect, a symbolic fresh start. For me, there’s always a dichotomy of emotions associated with the end of the year, a straddling of both the place I am, where I’ve grown and the things I’ve overcome & achieved whilst looking ahead with hope, anticipation & excitement to a fresh chapter ~ a new Page One.
2022 was quite an amazing year for NourishMe Wellness Box & I had no idea in January just how the months would unfold but I knew what my goals were for my self care boxes and I kept taking little steps each day to get me incrementally closer ~ those baby steps all added up to create big shifts and in the midst of moving into our new home (with my make-shift studio), the sell-out Valentines, Autumn & Boho Advent calendars & shipping to hundreds of homes within the UK (and the USA), it was a really positive year.

I’ve always loved the quote “Remember that you once dreamed of being where you are now” & it serves as a sweet reminder that no matter where you find yourself & whatever stage of your journey you are at, you are doing absolutely amazingly and you should be really proud of yourself. Little steps still get you to where you want to be so imagine the great strides you’ll have taken this time next year. 

I think that 2022 was also a bit of a ‘taking-stock’ year. After the ups-and-downs of the pandemic and adjusting to these changes, many of us felt a little bit zapped of energy. It can take time to bounce back from such a seismic shift in how you go about your daily life & for me, I decided a few months ago to just be kind to my mind and to go with the flow (as much as I can). I don’t know about you but I most definitely feel like when I just learn to let go & trust, there’s less resistance in my life & things just feel a little bit gentler. I am also realising more & more that life isn’t, & can’t be 100% happy & joyful all of the time.
As humans, we need contrast, we need to feel like we’re challenging ourselves & without the days that might feel a little bit grey, we can’t fully appreciate the light when it returns. Life isn’t black & white ~ it’s many shades of grey, it’s bright, it’s beautiful & every single day is a myriad of emotions, colour, challenges, joy, happiness, sadness & there is so much beauty in honouring the exact place you are, the steps you’ve taken to get there & allowing yourself to feel your emotions.
Never underestimate yourself, never speak disparagingly to your beautiful soul & always remember just how precious you are. Your life is so golden, you are the SUN & you are capable of achieving your wildest dreams. So, on this very blustery New Years Eve, please join me in taking 30 minutes to yourself, grab a notebook or a piece of paper, make a cuppa or pour a glass of your favourite wine & write down 5 things you’re grateful for, 5 things you’re proud of & 5 things you’d like to make happen in 2023. It doesn’t need to be fancy, this is an exercise in intention-setting & gaining clarity whilst reflecting on how awesome you really were in 2022.
It can be hard sometimes to remember the great stuff you achieved, especially when life seems to be so busy nowadays. However, by taking these precious minutes before we enter the New Year, you are really showing yourself some self love & self care that you can carry with you on your journey into 2023.
With small changes each day, or by sticking to something new in your routine, you will see a difference within a short space of time. Consistency is key (for me), & I also make sure that I’m not being to tough on myself if I take a (seemingly) backwards step ~ this is where the lessons are discovered. 

I like to set a few Intentions for the New Year (as I find resolutions a bit rigid), & here are a few that I will be using to gently begin each day:
• It’s okay to step back from anything that makes me feel undervalued.
• It’s okay to be happy.
• I am allowed to find some days tough.
• It’s okay to take some time out just for me.
• Rest is as important as being productive.
• I am courageous, determined & I take steps each day to pursue my dreams.
• I am healthy, vibrant & capable.
• I like to challenge my creativity.
• It’s okay to outgrow jobs, situations and my own expectations.
I created this design for the January RESET box & these are some of the things that I will be focusing on throughout the month. You can screenshot it or save it to your phone as a daily reminder (& if you have a January box coming your way, you’ll be receiving a printed version to keep).
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I have so many exciting things coming-up for NourishMe Wellness Box & I couldn’t do any of it without your continued support, your comments, likes, DM’s, love & for this I am so grateful. You guys really are the best & thank you for helping me to continue pursuing my dream of healing as many people as I can with my beautiful boxes of self care loveliness. The RESET box has almost sold out but you can take a look at the Subscription options here
I am spending the day with my love & our baby boy. Lots of cuddles, tea, a windy walk, a nice dinner. I’ll be doing a little bit of tidying too, clearing some energy, holding my crystals & having a lovely bath. I might have a glass of wine too (*when I say “might”, I actually mean that it’s highly likely that I “will”). 

Whatever you are doing today & this evening, please be kind to you, let your light shine & send some of your beautiful energy into the New Year and get the 2023 party started! 

All my love & encouragement,
Holly xxx

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