5 Simple Ways To Boost Your Wellbeing This Spring

Spring is the the air & I saw my first beautiful Snowdrop & vibrant Daffodil a couple of days ago whilst walking with River in Christchurch Park. We visited my family for a few days in Ipswich & it was so lovely to see the new season coming to life. It was such a gorgeous boost and a reminder that Winter always turns to Spring. 

The transition from one season to the next can present many opportunities for growth & change & it can enable you to reframe your mindset to create some gorgeous new habits. We have always taken our cues from Mother Nature but in today’s world, with lots of stimulus & noise, you might find it tricky to notice these prompts ~ However, there are some really grounding & nurturing things that you can do to bring yourself back into alignment with the rhythm of the Universe, and your yourself.

With the days gradually becoming longer and the beautiful sun climbing higher in the sky, our Winter, (more “indoor” lives), will evolve into late afternoons in the balmy sun, walking barefoot on freshly-cut grass, picnics in the park, bluebells, apple blossom & the gentle breeze whispering songs of Summer as it caresses your face. Sorry, got a bit carried away there, dreaming about hot days basking in the sun!

With the new season comes all of these promises. Winter can be harsh for many people and it can test your resolve and push you to dig deep. Your reward for persisting is almost here and there are some really simple steps that you can implement within your daily routine that will get you in the Spring groove with glowing aplomb! 

Step 1: Have a simple de-clutter. It doesn’t have to be an epic tidy-up or a deep clean (but obvs go for your life if this is your self love language), but, if you are more of a “potterer”, then making some space at home by clearing-away some of the things that you no longer use or need is a great way to clear-out old energy to make your home feel lighter & airier. I am a bit of a (clothes) hoarder but I dropped a few bags of jumpers and jeans to the charity shop & it felt sooooo good! Another hack for making your home feel brighter and to bring some fresh energy to each room is to grab a dried sage stick & smudge! Yep, I said smudge! It clears-away stagnant air & it can make your home feel refreshed and it will lift your spirits too! 

Step 2: Put a spring in your step. I think that the sunshine can have this effect anyway but when you have a buoyant mindset, this can have a really positive impact on how your day unfolds. The stresses and strains of life can sometimes get you down, but don’t be down-hearted; be proud of you, stand tall, & honour yourself and the beautiful journey that you’re on. To start your day with a fresh perspective, it can sometimes be helpful to write down some things that you feel grateful for or writing a list of tasks for the day ahead can enable you to prioritise or simply just get things out of your head! A good brain-dump can be sooo cathartic!

Step 3: Eat your greens. Spring provides so many beautiful, nutritious & vibrant fresh fruit & veggies that will make you feel so amazing. Juicing & making smoothies are a lovely way to utilise this abundance to nourish your mind, body & soul. I absolutely love making smoothies with River & he LOVES making his own concoctions. Here’s my Raspberry Razzle Smoothie recipe ~ it’s a bit good!

Step 4: Breathe it all in. Mindful breath-work, whether it’s indoors or outside is an amazing way to bring peace, tranquility & a sense of calm to your central nervous system. It can centre your thoughts, ground you and bring your mind back to your body (if you feel like it might be going off on its own tangent!). The warmer days of Spring coupled with extra sunlight and the multitude of gorgeous flowers blooming in their sweet way, provides the most nurturing backdrop for taking a mindful walk. Take 10 deep breaths in through your nose (and out through your nose); the benefits of nasal-breathing have been scientifically documented (& it’s so interesting!). I wrote a little bit about it in my Festive Self Care Blog if you want to read some cool facts!

“Nature never did betray the heart that loved her” ~ Wordsworth

Step 5: Take your precious time. “Nothing in Nature blooms all year, so don’t expect yourself to either”. I absolutely love this quote and it serves as a lovely reminder that no matter what phase you’re in, you’re still full, worthy, capable & loved. Flowers bloom when they’re ready, when the conditions are right & they intuitively know when to reach for the sky. 

“A flower blossoms for its own joy” ~ Oscar Wilde

This is so true and how beautiful it is to simply bloom for your own joy, to please no-one else but yourself. What freedom this is, what a weight lifted and how magical it can be!

Taking cues from Mother Nature, doing what makes you feel good, creating a sturdy foundation for your life; it can take lots of little steps, manoeuvres & adapting to life’s twists & turns to feel nourished & strong. With each step comes confidence, a sense of accomplishment & the impetus to take the next. So never feel dis-heartened, keep going and move to the rhythm of your one drum. You can do it! Believe in yourself ~ I BELIEVE in YOU!!!

All my love and encouragement,

Holly xxx








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