Autumn Self Care Guide

With the Equinox & the first day of Autumn getting closer, there’s a definite craving for chunky knits, hot chocolates & cosy nights in going on here! The changing of the seasons is so beautiful, isn’t it ~ and there’s something extra magical when Summer gradually turns into Autumn.

Burnt orange hues, crunchy leaves, chilly air & a sense of wanting to nest, to feel grounded & to nurture and nourish our minds, bodies & souls after the heat & energy of Summer, feels so comforting. There’s something so cosy (and re-energising at the same time) about getting all wrapped-up & heading-out for a crisp morning walk. 

Being out in Nature is so good for the soul and it can be just the remedy we need to boost our energy levels, to help us to feel grounded and to remind us that all feelings are transient & that the sun will rise again. If we move in rhythm with Mother Nature & we allow ourselves to go with the flow of the seasons, we can feel centred, grounded & better-equipped to GLOW with the flow of life.


The caveat here is to say that if you find Autumn & Winter tough, that’s okay - the shorter days coupled with cold temperatures can be testing at times. It can feel a little spirit-crushing when it’s day 5 of rain! BUT, the rain doesn’t last forever and it can actually present the perfect opportunity to water your grass (metaphorically speaking of course). What do you love to do? Is there something that you’ve been wanting to begin? Have you started a project but haven’t found the time to finish it? 

Autumn is the perfect season to tap into your creativity, to start something new & to really focus on your wellbeing. Comfy pj’s, a cup of tea & your favourite show make for the cosiest & most nurturing setting to let your body unwind and your mind relax. Setting-aside some time in your day to nourish yourself, be it enjoying a wholesome meal, blending-up a superfood-packed smoothie or by simply doing some breath-work, you will really feel the health benefits over time. Each big change you make begins with that single first step and here are my top 10 ways to nurture your wellbeing as we move into Autumn.

1. Make A Nourishing Soup. First-up, it’s an all-time favourite of mine - Autumn squash soup with spicy sweet potato croutons. If you too are a fellow squash-fiend, this recipe is an absolute winner and it will keep you topped-up with gut-loving nutrients and fibre - your microbiome will be doing a little happy dance, for sure! Eating seasonally, and making the most of all the lovely veggies in abundance at this time can be a great way to create yummy meals in rhythm with what’s available. Lots of earthy root vegetables, as diverse and beautiful in colour as the Autumn leaves, are bursting with health-boosting fibre & anti-oxidants which will help to keep your gut flora balanced & fortified. Did you know that between 70-80% of the immune system is in the gut? Taking a probiotic supplement such as Biocare Bioacidophilus is a great way to give your gut a boost and will help to redress any imbalances which can be exacerbated during the colder months. 

2. Be Gentle With Yourself. Giving yourself space to think, time to re-charge and showing yourself humility (if the negative self-talk begins), is a sign of courage, strength & growth. I think that we can all be guilty sometimes of lacking in confidence or questioning our abilities & it’s important to recognise that when this happens, we have the power to bring our thought process back to centre again & to shift our mindset. In the chiller months, it’s even more important to be gentle with yourself - stay warm, keep the self-talk positive & remember how amazing you are.

3. Take a Vitamin D Supplement. Even though the golden light of Autumn is absolutely stunning, (cue those magnificent sunsets), with the days being shorter, we just don’t have the sunlight exposure of those lazy Summer days. Our bodies require Vitamin D to carry-out a whole host of important functions & during the Summer months, this is much easier (as there’s much more sunlight hitting the skin). However,  during the colder months, we’re more covered-up, there are less sunshine hours in the day so it can be really beneficial to supplement your diet with Vitamin D. Whether it’s a tincture under the tongue or in tablet form, you really will feel that benefits of adding this to your daily routine. 

4. Make A Yummy Hot Chocolate. If you are a bit of a hot chocolate-lover/connoisseur ~ I’ve discovered the most sumptuous & beautiful blend that ever existed! Calm Cocoa creates calming & mindful hot chocolate to help you to unwind after a busy day. From grating to mixing, packing & labelling, everything is done by hand & you can feel the love with which Meredith creates each of her blends. They taste absolutely divine and they’ll be featured somewhere very special soon!

5. Make Your Home An Autumnal Haven. Creating a cosy haven to come home to and to relax in can work wonders at lifting the spirits when the mercury drops. Cosy throws, fluffy cushions & all the Autumn colours are good for the soul and there’s no better way to nourish yourself than by making your home the comfy foundations to nurture your mind, body & soul. If you love a scented candle, (who doesn’t?), and you want to make your cosy nook even more magical, the Autumn melts collection by Raspberry Blossom are the perfect accompaniment for those warm & snuggly nights in. These too will be coming soon to the build-your-own boxes ~ I can’t wait! 

6. Get Crafting. Crafting can boost your mental health and it’s such a beautiful way to show yourself some self care & self love on those chillier days. Picture the scene - you’ve got your cosy socks on, your yummy hot chocolate is ready, the aroma of cashmere & salted caramel fill the air and you’re just about to begin a new project! Crafting can be a form of therapy & however it manifests itself is completely unique to you ~ it might be baking, writing, knitting, painting, making clay pumpkins; whatever it is that you love to do, make some time for it over Autumn & Winter ~ you’ll be really proud of yourself & your inner crafting Queen will be sooo happy! 

7. Keep A Mood Journal. Tracking your mood and being mindful of your emotions can be a great way to reconnect with yourself and to observe if there are any particular patterns that you can work on. The very act of getting your thoughts on paper can be tremendously cathartic as well as helping you to unravel any gnarly thoughts that could be holding you back. When thoughts & emotions become stuck, it can sometimes feel like they are on repeat ~ writing them down or talking them out will make them lighter for you & help you to find a resolution.

8. Crisp Sunny Walks. Crunching through Autumn leaves, the golden sun flickering gently through a canopy of auburn treetops, chunky scarves keeping you toasty, thinking about your cosy evening of Bake Off & a mulled cider (oh wait, this is my dream day!). I reckon however that you might concur! Getting outside, immersing yourself in Mother Nature, marvelling at the beauty in front of you can work wonders for lifting the spirits.

Studies have shown that trees emit invisible chemicals known as phytoncides that have the potential to reduce stress hormones like cortisol, lower blood pressure & improve immunity. Have you ever felt rejuvenated after a walk in the woods? It’s so good for the soul, isn’t it?!

Shinrin-yoku, the Japanese practice of forest-bathing, is a process of relaxation. This simple method of being calm and quiet amongst the trees, observing nature around whilst breathing deeply can help to de-stress & boost health & wellbeing in a natural way. I have long been an advocate of hugging a girthy tree - give it a go, if you haven’t already, it feels really good! 

9. Carve A Pumpkin ~ Make An Autumn Garland. Collecting colourful leaves & using them to make something Autumnal for your home is such a beautiful activity. All you need is some twine, mini pegs & some gorgeous leaves. Simply attach the leaves and hang over your fireplace, mirror (or any space that lends itself to a bit of Autumn magic). If you have children, this is such a great way to get them crafting; a mindful activity that all the family can enjoy. 

10. Gift Yourself Some Self Care Sunshine. Whether it’s a monthly subscription, a build-your-own or lovingly curated box of wellness treats, there’s an option for every body to enjoy some time to themselves with their favourite nourishing products! I am so proud to say that all of the prints, stickers, postcards & cards you see in my shop have been designed by me so they’re completely unique to NMWB.

The monthly boxes always have a theme & each one tells a story. If you’d like to try a box before subscribing, (you won’t be disappointed), you can grab a one-off “Taster” box ~ these have sold out every month so far, so if you are an Autumn babe, get your October box now! 

The build-your-own boxes come as a 5, 7 or 10 items per box & there are over 80 products to choose from. I hand-pack every box and it’s all the finishing-touches that make NMWB so special. Twine, boho & celestial stickers, dried rose petals and a whole lot of attention to detail ~ that’s the magic combo that will make the recipient feel loved.

The Curated boxes are ready-to-go parcels full of wellness-boosting goodness. You simply choose your box & I’ll do the rest. It couldn’t be easier to gift yourself or a loved one a box of self care goodness.

All boxes come with a complimentary A6 print that doubles-up as a cute postcard for a personal message (if you want to include one).

The Boho Advent Calendar is also ready to shop & it’s set to be the most beautiful wellness calendar bursting with nourishing products to boost your wellbeing with a boho & celestial twist! 

I am currently crafting-away and designing some gorgeous Autumn prints ready for the Autumn launch. I can’t wait & if you’re a mailing list subscriber, you will receive an exclusive 15% off the collection! Enter your details at the bottom of my website to join the tribe! 

I hope that you’ve enjoyed my Autumn Self Care Guide ~ as always, all words are written by me and I find this such a gorgeous way to connect with you all. You’re the best! 

All my love & encouragement,

Holly xxx






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