December Monthly Mantras

Hi there lovely people,

I hope you’ve been really well and you’re staying cosy on these darker nights. We’ve actually been going for evening walks with River, he adores all the twinkling lights adorning the festive windows & he is so chatty now ~ it’s so wonderful listen to his “wow’s” and “look at the bright lights, Mummy”. It really is such a magical time of year with a little one. River absolutely loves being outside and during the Winter months, I like to wrap him up all snuggly and show him all the wonders of Nature and how each season has its own beauty.

It’s a reminder that nothing in Nature blooms all year and when we think of how to nurture and look after our wellbeing, it’s important to take our time and give ourselves the space to grow. We have times when we sparkle & times when we feel like we need to have a cosy day. Finding balance and setting in place little routines to help us feel good are all positive steps towards attaining strong foundations & glowing health.

I’m a bit late sharing December’s Monthly Mantras ~ it’s been a busy few weeks getting all of your festive boxes shipped, creating new products and putting the finishing touches to the January Subscription Box, (the theme of which is Manifest). The December Box sold out which is totally amazing and I can’t wait to show you the January Box! 

With Christmas right round the corner, I thought that I’d base December’s Mantras around all-things ‘Comfort’. Christmas can be quite a stressful time (even though it’s totally magical too), so it’s even more important to take care of ourselves and to notice when we might be feeling a little bit tired or if we just need some time out. Remember that it’s okay not not feel sparkly, to rest & to take time out for you.

So, here are my some lovely mantras and things you can do to bring about a sense of comfort to you this festive period:

~ I am setting-aside some time to pamper myself and to have a cosy night in with my favourite film.

~ I show myself love by taking care of my mind, body & soul & I have the power to make the changed needed to boost my wellbeing.

~ I acknowledge that self care isn’t selfish and it is a necessary slice of the wellbeing pie to maintain my wellbeing.

~ I honour my space and look forward to fresh, clean bed clothes, soft pjs and cosy socks. I also recognise that all the little steps I’m taking will pay-off.

~ I enjoy offering a comforting shoulder to my loved ones who might need to share their thoughts & feelings. I respect them and love them.

~ I will take time over Christmas to ‘just be’. I will rest when I can and stay as cosy as possible!

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas & I hope these mantras will help if you need to hear these words. Remember that you are amazing and you deserve good things.

All my love & encouragement,

Holly xxx




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