The Festive Wellness Guide

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, oh yes indeed, but the festive season can also be quite a stressful time for many of us. There are some things we can do however to avoid festive burn-out and to ensure that we are still looking after ourselves during this time.

Here’s my Festive Wellness Guide to help you to shimmy your way through Christmas, all with some added glitter, sparkle and a good dose of self love.

1 ~ Even when the days seem so busy, remember to take some time for yourself to unwind, recalibrate and re-charge your batteries. Winter can take its toll on our bodies & just like Mother Nature, it’s a time for bedding-down, keeping grounded and nurturing ourselves with lots of warmth, cosy evenings and nourishing foods. Relaxing with a hot cup of tea can be just the remedy after a hectic day and you can create you own box of tea joy with the Build Your Own gift box options ~ with so many flavours to choose from, you are spoilt for choice. Browse the Build Your Own boxes here 

2 - Keep a journal. Writing down our thoughts and feelings can not only be a cathartic exercise, it can also enable us to find resolutions to things that might be worrying us. If you find yourself feeling stressed or anxious, take 10 minutes to yourself to get your thoughts on paper. The Happiness Box is the perfect gift for all the notebook & stationery-lovers out there. If you send a NourishMe Wellness Box as a gift, a hand-written postcard will be included to make it extra magical.

3 - Take a nice, long bath with added pink salt! Oh yes, pimp your bath and let your senses drift into dreamland. Making time for pampering and self care throughout the year is so crucial but when our lives are extra busy, it’s even more important. All the little steps we take build-up to big days and if we can schedule-in some “me-time” each day, the health benefits are far-reaching. Why not add a relaxing shot of Himalayan Pink Salt with dried rose petals or treat a fellow bath-lover to the ultimate self care gift with the Christmas Eve Pamper Box

4 - Keep a list & get organised. Grab a notebook & pen and jot-down your “to-do’s” and turn them into “ta-da’s”. There’s something very satisfying about ticking-off the things you’ve done and accomplished. Juggling all the balls & spinning all the plates can feel never-ending sometimes but by creating space to bring some structure, these things become much more manageable. I included a December planner in this years Boho Advent & each monthly subscription box also has an A4 calendar to help you stay organised throughout the month. 

5 - Keep talking. Bottling-up how we’re feeling can sometimes feel quite heavy. Talking things through and working through our feelings can feel like a huge relief. With all the challenges we’ve faced over the past couple of years, it’s more important than ever to say how we feel.

6 - Have a cup of festive cheer. Oh yes, pass me the mulled wine, turn up the Christmas songs and let’s get cosy! This is by far, my favourite part of Christmas ~ family time and just relaxing whilst watching Christmas movies! The smell of mulled wine bubbling away is the best isn’t it?! If this your thing, then a steaming mug of warming hot chocolate will also hit the spot!

7 - Don’t feel the pressure to give expensive gifts. handmade gifts are just so beautiful and this year, I’m making lots of little treasures with River for him to give to family members. Gifts from the heart mean so much and it can also be a lovely way to do something creative with little ones. Loo roll snowflakes incoming! I’ve also just added Gift Cards to the shop starting from £10 so if you want to gift a box but you aren’t sure which one, then take a look at the options 

8 - Light a candle. Filling your home with the beautiful scents of seasonal wax melts & candles can create such a cosy, warm and calming vibe. It sets the tone for the evening and can really get you in the festive spirit. I am delighted to stock crystal-infused wax melt hearts in the shop and they are proving very popular. With lots of options to choose from, your wax melt box of dreams is but a few clicks away. Take a look at the Build Your Own products here 

9 - Look up at the Moon. Oh how beautiful you are majestic Moon. You remind us that we are full no matter what phase we’re in. You’ll have most likely noticed by now that many of my designs are inspired by the Moon, it provides such creative inspiration for me and I love seeing my designs come to life. One of the most popular moon-inspired products at the moment is the A5 Moon Magic Self Care planner with sections for gratitude, daily mantras and self care priorities. RRP is £7.50 and available in the Build Your Own boxes 

10 - Slow down. Yep, note to self. With so much to do around this time of year, it can be tricky to slow down, we might wonder how we’re going to fit it all in!? Well, it will all work-out and what doesn’t get done can wait. We must make time for self care, time for just being and time for ourselves. Remember that we’ve faced many challenges and in order to begin the year with fresh & vibrant energy, we must take the time over Christmas and Winter to conserve, bolster & keep our spirits lifted

There are lots more tips for self care I could share but this is a nutshell round-up of the things I feel are most important. I hope you’ve enjoyed having a read (with cuppa in-hand hopefully). December’s Monthly Mantras are coming soon too so keep an eye out for those.

Have a wonderful December and remember to look after you.

All my love and encouragement,

Holly xxx

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