Learning To Trust Your Gut

Heeeeey! What a crazy-busy, but AMAZING couple of weeks it’s been at NMWB HQ!!! River is napping so I’m currently enjoying a hot coffee, I have my notebook & I wanted to get a few words down. 

Writing has always been my way of unfurling gnarly thoughts, it helps me to clarify and to gain a different perspective on things. Designing my boxes is also a kind of therapy for my soul & as I’ve received some really beautiful feedback about them over the past couple of days, I thought that I’d write a blog about following your heart, trusting your gut and letting go!

I posted a couple of quotes on Instagram last week & I had loads of messages from people who said thank you & perfect timing! They’d handed-in their notices at work & were feeling a little apprehensive about it. It can be quite a tricky time, can’t it ~ making big life decisions can carry with it the feeling of “oh no”, and “what if?”. I think though that we know when the time is right to take our leap of faith!

Our inner voice is such a powerful tool & when we learn to listen-in & make decisions based upon its guidance, we can fly high! Recognising that we can utilise our creativity and spark to make our own way in life is such a relief! Just keep going! 

Remember that the gut feelings you get sometimes are there to show you the way. Your conscious mind may take a little while to really listen, (and timing is key), but your soul knows the way and it so wise & powerful & beautiful ~ just like YOU!

Whatever decision you might be tussling over at the moment, please know that when you eventually do reach your chosen path, it will be the right one & no step you take will be wasted or in vain. Every move is an opportunity to grow & to learn & when you make way for your inner voice to flourish, you too will shine like the golden sun.

So, if you’re feeling a little less than chipper or if you feel like you made a wrong choice, please don’t worry, you will be absolutely fine (and well done for being so brave & bold). I BELIEVE IN YOU xxx

All my love and encouragement,

Holly xxx

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