Magical Matcha Health Benefits

Matcha, a veritable powerhouse of antioxidants has amazing healing, energising and anti-ageing properties.

Hailed as a ‘miracle elixir’, for very good reason, and with its provenance dating back thousands of years, the popularity of Matcha as a superfood to rival all others is an accolade well-deserved.

It is versatile, delicious and abundant in a whole host of health-reviving vitamins and minerals.

There’s been a lot more press for recently about the benefits of maintaining a healthy gut and the positive effect this has on overall health and wellbeing.

A healthy gut leads to a healthy and balanced body and mind; by incorporating Matcha into your daily routine, the gut will be fortified, bolstered and functioning at its optimum capability.

Nourishing the body from within is the foundation, the key to vibrant health and with the addition of matcha to your diet you will look and feel amazing!

1) Increases Energy Levels and Endurance – Nature’s ultimate energy drink (minus all the nasties that can compromise our health). Taken as a drink, Matcha can increase energy levels without causing the dreaded sugar-spike at the same time as re-charging and making us feel much more energised!

2) Boosts Immune System – With around 70% of our immune system in the gut, (I know, I almost fell off my chair too!), it’s important to keep things ticking over and in tip-top condition if we what to feel great. Matcha is bursting an array of vitamins and amino acids that encourage the good bacteria in the gut to flourish. A healthy and well-balanced microbiome will have a far-reaching positive impact on overall health.

3) Naturally Detoxifies The Body – Heavy metals and toxins within the body can create imbalances which, if left undetected, can lead to a host of health implications. Matcha contains a potent mix of anti-oxidants and minerals that help to zap-up free-radicals and to which heavy metals cling thus ridding the body in a natural and healthy way. Chlorophyll is a natural magnet for all of these, amazing!

4) Rich In Fibre – A high fibre diet is paramount for ensuring that the foods we eat are metabolised and flushed through with ease. Efficient elimination decreases hormone build-up within the gut and allows all the good nutrients to work their magic unchallenged. Matcha contains chlorophyll in abundance which gently scours the gut lining as waste passes through.

5) Calms Mind & Relaxes Body – Matcha can sooth a busy mind and encourage us to take a deep breath! It can be challenging nowadays to put the brakes on and take time to nourish and nurture ourselves but this is such a key part of achieving balance and harmony in our lives. Loaded with essential nutrients, vitamin C, selenium, zinc and magnesium; this is a vital concoction that assists cell-renewal and re-charges the body on many levels.

6) Boosts Metabolism – Matcha naturally encourages the metabolism to fire-up. It contains a compound called ECGg (epigallocatechin gallate), which has been shown to increase metabolic rate. An increase in metabolic rate allows for optimum absorption of the nutrients contained within food which is absolutely crucial for maintaining a healthy body and mind.

7) Glowing Skin – Radiant skin starts from within. Happy and well-balanced gut flora will help to achieve healthy skin. Containing exponentially more anti-oxidants than most other superfoods, Matcha, the beauty elixir, will fortify and encourage friendly gut bacteria to flourish. Many skin ailments can be overcome successfully by treating the gut. Healthy gut equals healthy, strong and glowing skin!

8) Boosts Brain Function and Memory – Lucid, clear, alert mind I hear you say! Yes! All of these in abundance please! Studies have shown that Matcha can boost brain function and short-term memory. A natural and healthy way to give the brain and kick-start and help to keep it firing on all cylinders!

9) Lowers Cholesterol – Matcha is most certainly the gift that keeps on giving! It really is a nutritional marvel and it has been shown to help reduce cholesterol as well as stablising blood sugar levels and reducing blood pressure. Taken as a drink and as a possible replacement for coffee and tea, it can assist the body on a cellular level without increasing cortisol levels.

10) Burns Calories – Oh Yes! This too is an actual thing!!! Recent studies have shown that Matcha can help the body burn an extra 400 calories during exercise. Score! A cup of matcha pre-workout will make your session way more productive! Don’t forgot the post-workout nourishment either; Matcha will alleviate sore muscles and help to replenish essential amino acids expelled during exercise.

That’s my round-up! A bullet-point summation of all the wonderful, healing and health-boosting benefits of matcha.

It’s a superfood diamond; a health food marvel! The addition of matcha into your daily routine will help to achieve balance, it will revive and restore and gently support the body and mind in the most natural and healing ways.

Have a beautiful day!

All my love & encouragement,

Holly xxx

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