May Box ~ Flower Moon

Hi everyone! Ahhh! I am so excited to show you the May Box ~ Flower Moon in all its glory! I absolutely loved putting this box together & my monthly subscribers have given some really beautiful feedback which makes me smileeeeee!

Did you know that each box is designed, made and packed by me?! Every little detail is thought about so carefully and I have so much fun matching the stickers/postcards/prints ~ it’s a really beautiful journey going from idea to finished box and seeing it all come together is the best!

The May Flower Moon is a super-charged Moon and we can really harness its energy to our advantage. During a full Moon, we can feel things really intensely & knowing how to utilise this can prove really helpful if we want to be creative or start something new. It’s also a great time to let go of things that night no longer fit-in with our lives or how we want to move forwards. 

The May Box is bursting with Moon appreciation and it a began with this piece of original artwork by me. I wanted to create something that visually embodied the beauty, majesty, wisdom & energy of the Moon. I started with a idea of a full Moon & started drawing! The beautiful girl in the print sits with her eyes closed under the shining Moon thinking of her hopes & dreams and how she’s going to bring them to life.

The flowers represent new life, hope, dreams and the endless possibilities that life can offer if you believe I yourself and your potential. This A5 print is also available to purchase in the build you own boxes.

Also included in the Flower Moon monthly box:

1 x Cosmic Babe bath blend 

1 x Luna & Seren soap

1 x Set of colour-me-in Mandalas

1 x Clay moon phase wall hanging 

1 x Rainbow moonstone tumblestone 

1 x Pocket ‘May Intentions’

1 x Packet of Cosmos seeds

1 x May calendar 

1 x Flower Moon postcard

This was such a special box to create & I hope that it brings you lots of Moon love and inspires you to keep on creating the life of your dreams. I have been busily designing the June Box ~ which you can order here as a one-off or Subscribe today for your monthly dose of self care sunshine. The NourishMe Package has also been really popular recently ~ schedule-in 3, 6 or 12 months of self care, wellbeing treats to make you or a love one smile.

If you love unique, hand-crafted items, then this is the Subscription box for you! Many of the products you se have been handmade by me in my little home by the sea. Each one is lovingly crafted and wrapped with care. This boho moon phase hanging has got all the neutral vibes to make your home/space/office/studio look amazing.

See all the details for the June ‘CalmMe’ Box here and have yourselves a beautiful day! 

All my love & encouragement,

Holly xxx



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