Monthly Musings ~ April

Hi everyone! It’s so good to feel the sunshine isn’t it, even despite the chilly temperatures we’ve had over the past week. We quite literally had 4 seasons in one day on Wednesday & I’m here for that!

I know I say this every month but don’t the weeks & months seem to be whizzing-by?! I can’t quite believe that it’s the 3rd April already! Life is really busy isn’t it? How do you make time for yourself? Are you setting-aside some time to re-charge? It’s so important to maintain balance but it’s sometimes quite tricky, especially when we have so many plates spinning!

There are lots of things we can implement within our daily routines to help us to find balance and they can be carried forward throughout the year ~ All the little steps we take each day equate to amazing things so whether you take just one step or lots of huge strides, you are still making progress and you should be proud of yourself.

Here are some cute suggestions for April to help you to find your groove this Spring! 

Did you know that I include a printed version of the monthly intentions in the subscription boxes? A pocket-reminder to guide you & to keep you motivated. I definitely need little prompts and nudges as the months unfold and I find that having a tangible reminder like this really helps.

Nature is just so beautiful at this time of the year and here are my top 5 ways to connect with and ground yourself with Nature this Spring:

~ Hug a tree! Oh yes, do it! It feels great ~ enveloping all of that ancient wisdom in your arms! You can really feel the connection with the Earth and it calms the mind, body & soul so quickly.

~ Walk barefoot. Feeling the grass, Earth, sand, pebbles beneath our feet has such a truly grounding effect on the body. It can help to bring us back to centre, balance out thoughts & re-energise us. We spend such a lot of time during winter in heavy boots, socks, slippers, we somehow lose some of this connection and it can be so wonderfully beneficial for our wellbeing. 

~ Take time to really look at the Spring blooms. What joyful and vibrant colours we are treated to in Spring! I sometimes look at a single flower & quite honestly marvel at how stunning Mother Nature is. There are also lots of edible flowers no popping-up too; wild garlic, wood sorrel, mallow, meadowsweet & dandelion to name a few are all ready for the picking! Wild garlic soup is one of my favourites this time of year, it’s do simple yet so nourishing and yummy.

~ Pack a picnic. With so many beautiful outdoor spaces in the UK to enjoy, it really is the perfect time to soak-up the Spring sunshine and make the most of the longer days. With the cost of everything going up so much, it can often be cheaper & more enjoyable to pack your own snacks and find somewhere beautifully secluded to have your lunch! We have a toddler so I am the carrier of all snacks anyway but it’s nice to make a big Greek salad, grab some crusty bread and pop-in a bottle of fizz, (why the heck not), & sit in Nature and “just be”.

~ Wildlife Bingo! This is one for all ages (River loves to play this, it keeps him occupied & and it’s educational too). Print off a Spring wildlife sheet, pack some crayons & when you spot something, colour it in! The perfect outdoor activity to keep little ones minds learning.

That’s a wrap! I hope you like these tips! Please comment below and take a look at my other blog posts. You can find me on Instagram & now on TikTok! Who knew!? Both @nourishmewellnessbox

Have a beautiful April.

All my love & encouragement,

Holly xxx

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