Monthly Musings ~ February

Hi my dear darling friends,

Soooo, we made it! We aced the 643 days of January and what a beautiful sunny day to begin the new month with. I had a busy day of packing and posting orders followed by a gorgeous trip to the park with River to build ant houses and to feed the birds.

Doesn’t a bit of warmth and sunshine just feel amazing. It can lift our mood & spirits so much and it signifies that Spring is on its way. I think we all need this after what has been a challenging couple of years. I always look-out for the first Snow Drops & Daffodils on our walks and today, I saw a bright yellow Daffodil basking in the midday sun ~ it was glorious.

With Spring around the corner and the days becoming slightly longer, now is a good time to begin thinking about nurturing & nourishing our bodies with lighter foods and aiming to spend more time outdoors. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the coziness and comfort of Winter and all of the home-cooked stews, soups and hearty meals but when Spring arrives, I equally love wholesome foods only lighter. So, salads, pasta, smoothies. Do you that your taste changes as the year unfolds?

Making time for self care throughout the seasons is so important and this can begin with our mindset and we can add various layers to help us to achieve glowing health. We are basically house plants with feelings so if we strip it back to the essentials of sunlight, food, water, we can’t go far wrong. Those are of course the fundamentals but there are a myriad of other components that all work symbiotically to make us not only feel good but enable us to live happily & productively.

Being able to voice our feelings, feeling like we are a part of a supportive tribe whether that’s family, friends, or work colleagues, contributing to our community, inspiring others, setting personal goals, resting, staying active ~ to name a few of these layers. It might sound like a lot but when we take little steps each day, they soon mount-up & before we know it, we’ve implemented some crucial moves that form the foundations of a bold, brilliant and beautiful life.

Here are my mantras month of love & I hope that you continue to carve your own groove in your own unique way. You are you & only you can fulfill your dreams so keep going and believe in yourself ~

~ I am in-tune with Mother Nature and her rhythms

~ I deserve good things

~ I appreciate all of the lessons I’ve learnt 

~ I understand that life might not be sunny all of the time but all things are transient

~ I am learning to love myself more every day

~ I stand in my power and I am intimidated by no-one

~ I speak from my heart and trust my gut

~ I will get outdoors as much as I can

~ I will nourish my body with wholesome foods

~ I love ME

Please feel free to screen-shot these and keep them on your phone. I keep mine as cute reminders & the power of the written word is undeniable. As too is the spoken word, repeat them out loud each day for extra oooomph!

Have a really awesome, love-filled month & don’t forget to check-out the new Valentine’s & Soul Sister range that launched last week. The Soul Sister boxes have now been re-stocked twice! Sooooo excited & I love you all!

All my love & encouragement,

Holly xxx

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