November Monthly Mantras

Hi everyone, I hope you’ve all been keeping really well. As we have arrived at the penultimate month of the year, I thought it might be nice to set the theme of Gratitude for November’s Monthly Mantras. This year seems to have rocketed past, I think that being Mama to a beautiful, cheeky & chatty toddler can make the days seem fleeting.  

River was born at the beginning of 2020 and it’s been a whirlwind to say the least! Looking back at those first few months, I am so grateful for the beautiful, slow days in our bubble because any parent will concur that they just get quicker & quicker! Then all of a sudden, you have a little person saying "Mummy, sit down there and read book please". How did that happed?

We decorated our living room yesterday and it’s feeling so cosy, snuggly and Halloweeny. Although I find the deepest days of Winter quick difficult (give me an Ibizan beach any day!), I do still love how it encourages us to nurture ourselves, slow down and build our energy reserves for Spring when we all spring back into action, just like Mother Nature. If you’re ever stuck or feeling like you’re not sure which step to take next, simply look to Nature for cues. In November, it’s all about nourishing & conserving; eat warming soups, drink ginger tea and eat as many root veggies as you can! I love nothing better than a spicy butternut squash soup this time of year, it warms your cockles & your soul!

The little steps we take each day are never wasted, they all get stored in the "You Glow Girl" bank for a rainy day and we all need to tap into those reserves when the weather is so yucky! Speaking comforting words to ourselves, being gentle with our bodies and kind to our minds is such a good starting place. It can be easy sometimes to speak disparagingly about ourselves, it can sometimes be the go-to, especially when we are faced with a challenge (what a great distraction these thoughts can be, taking our energy away from important life stuff we need to address). So, when it’s cold outside and we have more time to think and to ruminate about life, what a golden opportunity we have to praise what we\"ve achieved and to give gratitude for everything we have.

With this in mind, here are my mantras for November. Why not screenshot them and set them as your wallpaper ~ a little reminder each time you look at your phone or, grab a pen and write them in your notebook:

I am grateful for the beautiful, loving & caring people I have in my life.

I give thanks for the roof over my head, clean clothes and the nourishing food I am able to buy.

I feel gratitude for the challenges I have faced because I know that they make me stronger, forge character and make me unshakeable.

I am so grateful for the Seasons, for Autumn and its beauty.

And lastly, I give gratitude, thanks and love to myself in abundance. Life can be tough, I am doing my best and I strive to be a become a brilliant human being, inspiring others, brimming love and light.

I hope you have a really awesome month and that these words have resonated in some way. I\"ll be back with more mantras next month and in the meantime, don’t forget just how magical you are.

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All my love and encouragement,


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