Self Care During Your Cycle

Hi there gorgeous girls,

Firstly, how are we almost at the end of May? The NourishMe June boxes are (nearly) packed ready for shipping next week & l have started to design the graphics for the July box! Time flies when you’re having fun, so they say!

I’ve wanted to write this blog for a while and inspired by a few conversations with friends recently, plus my own determination to put some of these suggestions into practice, I wanted to share with you some of the things you can do during your cycle to ensure that you are taking the very best care of your wellbeing.

Since becoming a Mama (just over 2 years ago), & continuing our breastfeeding journey longer than anticipated, (I’m now beginning to wean River), my hormones have taken a while to settle down post-birth & I am now wanting to implement some nurturing techniques to help my mind, body & soul throughout this time. 

These gentle, restoring & calming suggestions can apply to anyone but I would seek medical advice if you feel it necessary. It’s so important to honour yourself, whatever day of the month it is but it is especially important during your period. 

All of these suggestions are gentle & non-strenuous & they can really make an impact on your energy levels throughout this time. For me, most recently, increasing the amount of water I drink has had a really positive impact on my general feeling of wellness. I feel more alert, I’m less bloated and I crave sugar waaaaay less.

Add freshly-squeezed lemon to boiled water (that’s cooled-down slightly), to give your liver an extra boost & a helping hand. It has to work overtime during your period and it plays such an important role in terms of hormone elimination. When the liver is functioning smoothly, lots of other things fall into place, too.

The aim here is to do everything gently - gentle self-talk, gentle walks; just be gentle with yourself and don’t rush. Let your body do what it knows & support it as best you can. 

Bathe Like A Goddess

Taking a magnesium/Epsom salt bath or adding some Pink Himalayan Salt can work wonders to ease cramps and it also assists in drawing toxins from the body. I love the Moon Magic Bath Soak with pink salt, dried rose petals & rose Quartz chips; the most luxurious and calming blend to help you to relax and unwind.

The science bit: Epsom salts are high in magnesium which works to relax uterine muscles contracting & can help with cramping. If you’re not a bath kinda gal, you can shower with an Epsom scrub. You can of course double-up on your bath-time pamper session & treat yourself to a yummy Goddess Vibes biscuit (available in the build-your-own boxes). You might want to save it until you’re dry, cosy & in your pj’s. It’ll be a nice way to show yourself some love.

Harness The Energy of Crystals

Crystals can have a hugely beneficial impact on our wellbeing & they can bring about such a wonderful sense of calm, tranquility, peace & harmony. Placed under your pillow, beside your bed, dotted around your house or workspace; they can be really soothing and can imbue your energy with feelings of being grounded, safe and nurtured. In particular, amethyst, rose quartz & moonstone are master-crystals to keep close throughout this time.

I am in the process creating some Crystal Candy Kits & I’ve just launched the 12 Days of Crystalmas & 12 Days of Crystalmas Deluxe boxes ~ gorgeous boxes of crystal magic including 12 individual crystals (plus a handmade trinket dish & crochet coaster for the Deluxe box). They are absolutely stunning and they’re limited edition.

Drink Herbal Tea

There are so many delicious & wonderful herbal teas to choose from, each with their unique blends & flavours & I’ve recently discovered the amazing Oh My Flow Adaptogenic Tea by Our Remedy (@itsourremedy). They have created a naturally caffeine-free, organic tea that has been specifically blended for the time of the month. With Hibiscus, Rose buds, ginger root, raspberry leaf, (amongst some other divine & delicious ingredients), it really is a beautiful concoction of goodness to help invite calm back to your day & they’re also biodegradable & plastic-free.


Aromatherapy can have many health benefits & the beautiful blends by The Blend Essential Oils (@theblend_essentialoils), are the perfect “me-time” products to help you find your inner calm, to bring balance and to help you get a better nights sleep. Their powerful formulas have been created by a team of experts to help relieve the symptoms of perimenopause & each one has been carefully crafted with pure essential oils. When applied to the skin, they work their calming & balancing magic to give you a boost when you need it most. Their handy size means that you can pop them in your bag and use them when you’re on-the-go, too.


Who doesn’t LOVE a massage? I’ll wait! It’s all about the head massage for me - it’s divinely relaxing & I always seem to sleep better afterwards. Tension headaches are often a symptom of menstruation, so applying some pressure to your head, massaging your scalp (and any other part of your body in fact), can help to relieve overall tensions within the body. Script Wellness (@scriptwellness) create natural, CBD-infused vegan products for menstruation to relieve, restore & support. Their ‘Ease’ Topical Oil combines a gorgeous mix of Black Cumin, Almond & Jojoba oils plus St. John’s Wort (combined with other essential oils), for skin moisturise & conditioning. Apply a few drops to your hands to gently warm-up the oils & massage any part of your body your feel needs some extra tlc.


I am an advocate of nourishing from within and for many years, I have take a probiotic tablet to help keep my gut flora balanced. The health benefits of this are far-reaching and I was so happy to have also discovered Semaine (@semainehealth) PMS & Period Support supplements. Containing a powerhouse of ingredients to give you extra support during your period, they help to relieve symptoms associated with inflammation such as bloating & cramping. They are vegan, hormone, gluten & sugar-free & they are also currently running an offer on their 2-month package. 

Other Things That Might Also Bring Comfort

~ Hot water bottle

~ Warming & remineralising foods

~ Rest 

~ Non-toxic period products

~ Journal & self-reflection

~ Chocolate (yes, you can enjoy some chocolate, just not too much as sugar can exacerbate symptoms).

In a nutshell, there are many things that you can implement to make you feel nurtured and comforted during your period. Do what works for you and take it easy when and if you can. Life is busy & we can sometimes lose sight of our own self care. You must prioritise your wellbeing and I t some of the suggestions I’ve made can help you along the way. I would absolutely love to know if you do like my tips, so please head to my Instagram and pop an emoji or comment on this post :)

Enjoy your day and remember to be gentle with yourself.

All my love & encouragement,

Holly xxx


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