Simple Self Care Sunday Ideas

Hey there gorgeous ones!

So, it’s 5.30am, I’ve just made a cuppa & I just had the urge to write a blog post, (as you do!). Sunday has always been my favourite day of the week ~ it’s the day that I press the reset button, get my ducks in a row & slow down to make time for some self care.

I have come to realise that self care can take many forms & it looks different for every person. It can mean going for a walk in the fresh air, it can be having a nice cup of coffee in your favourite mug, it can be reaching-out to talk or sorting paperwork; looking after our individual emotional, physical, spiritual needs is at the crux of good health and when we water our soil, we can then be there for others.

My self care right now is writing this blog post. It feels so good to let the words flow and to share my thoughts with you. Writing can be really cathartic & it’s something that I have always loved to do (I have an MA in English Studies so tapping into this is very rewarding).

What do you like to do to look after your mental wellbeing? Do you practice it regularly or do you dip in-and-out? Do you find that being consistent is key to unlocking its potency? I think that practice and consistency are key & whatever it is that we put our energy into, will invariably become second nature if we give it enough time, dedication & patience.

That being said, there are some quick & simple things we can do to instantly lift out mood & inject some self care vibes into our day! There’s no better day than Sunday to put these into action and here are my Top (few) ways to nurture yourself on a slow Sunday.

1 - Stretch. Quite literally, a 2-minute stretch of your muscles after sleep can do wonders for the body. Getting the blood flowing after sleep is such a beautiful way to honour and love yourself. 

2 - Hydrate. If you’ve had a good solid night of sleep (what is that anymore, thanks very much - life with a toddler!), then your body has potentially gone 8 (or so) hours with no water. Have a huge glass maybe with some fresh lemon, & hydrate your beautiful bod-ay & brain! Everything is still functioning whilst we’re in slumber-mode, our organs are eliminating & restoring & our brain is storing memories, dreaming & re-charging! 

3 - Write. If you like to, that is. If not, scribble, sketch, draw, doodle. Whatever your prefer - do it! Choose your favourite notebook and get scribing! It’s amazing and it can help your brain to un-jumble thoughts & feelings. If you’ve seen my Reels, you’ll have noticed that I have some cute A6 notebooks in stock ~ the perfect size for making cute notes and plotting dreams!

4 - Make your favourite meal or snack. With Spring here & Summer just around the corner, smoothies are a mega thing in our house. Fresh, juicy & bursting with goodness, they are the perfect way to start the day. It’s also a great thing to do with toddlers (or children of any age). River & I choose which fruits we’d like, safely chop them and blend (at a distance because our blender is quite loud), he loves to be involved & it gives me the opportunity to talk to him about healthy food in a really fun way. 

5 - Be kind to your mind. Self care doesn’t have to always mean doing something physical or creating something tangible. Self care and self love can take the form of being kind to your mind, saying nice words to yourself & being respectful of your mind, body & soul. Repeating positive affirmations and beginning the day by saying 5 things we are grateful for (about ourselves) can set the tone for the day. This actually has created a real shift for me and it has taken practice and patience but once again, consistency is key & little steps amount to big days so just begin & watch the self love magic unfold. I created a Wellbeing Planner with Gratitude at the heart of it and there’s space to write your Gratitude Notes as well as Goals, Ta-Da’s & Self Care. It can be purchased individually or as part of the build-your-own boxes.


Those are my thoughts for this crack-of-dawn time on a Sunday. I hope that whoever read this post takes something from it and you have a really beautiful Sunday.

All my love & encouragement,

Holly xxx

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