Simple Ways To Spark Joy As We Move Into A New Season

There are so many cute days to look forward to as we gradually say farewell to Winter, & with 20th March marking the Spring Equinox, it can feel just that bit easier to find joyful things in your life that make you feel happy.

20th March is also the UN International Day if Happiness & this years theme is: ‘Be Mindful. be Grateful. be Kind’. The main trajectory every year however is to remind us how important happiness is & how it can have a ripple effect on the world around us.

Happiness looks different for every body and it is something that can be cultivated over time. There are lots of little ways that you can boost your happiness; the threads of which weave a delicious tapestry of bountiful joy that is called your life! Your tapestry is unique to you & only you can unlock its magic.

Little threads & little steps make big days so it’s important to remember that it’s okay to take your time and to do what makes your soul shine & your heart sing. I do however have some really lovely ideas that you could implement within your routine to ignite or spark joy & with the amazing season of Spring as your sunny backdrop, there is happiness aplenty just a few simple steps away.

1. Pick a Spring posy or buy yourself a little bouquet. I recently bought a small bouquet of yellow tulips, I think there were 6 stems in total and I popped each one in separate small jars/milk bottles and dotted them around my home. I can’t tell you how much this boosted my happiness ~ little reminders that Spring is almost here and that soon, Mother Nature will be quite literally springing into bloom. What I’ve come to realise is that flourishing mental health, wellness and general feelings of contentment come from lots of little positive steps rather than big gestures. It’s all of the layers that you incrementally build and nurture that make the true difference to your life. Let go of any guilt that you might feel whilst in pursuit of the things that contribute to your personal happiness & gently take any lesson from the things that you let go of that no longer make you feel happy. In a nutshell, buy yourself those flowers! Alternatively, go pick a posy of wildflowers ~ there’s nothing quite like bringing a slice of beautiful nature into your home to spark some joy!

2. Make time for self care. Setting-aside some beautiful time just for yourself, especially when life is so busy, can unlock oodles of happiness for you. Life can be hectic, it can be emotionally demanding & it can be stressful at times. Lots of things can pull you in different directions & it can sometimes feel like you’ve lost your footing or you need to ground yourself. Spring is the perfect time to walk barefoot and reconnect your beautiful energy with the transformative & grounding energy of the Earth. It’s a two-way transfer & we spent a lot of time in the Winter with lots of layers on, whereas Spring & Summer present the opportunity to re-connect & to regain some of the balance and equilibrium necessary to keep you balanced and aligned. Self care can come in many forms so do what feels right for you and make sure that you do lots of it!

3. Begin A New Hobby. The temptation to hibernate and to stay cosy is all too appealing in the Winter (& it’s totally necessary), however with the longer evenings approaching, there is much more opportunity for trying new things and for just getting out there! I am a natural hibernate(r), I love nothing more than getting cosy and snuggling-up but as soon as the sun is here, I am out & about until the very bitter end (lol). Living by the sea, beach days & bbqs kind of go hand-in-hand & the balmy, lighter evenings make for trying new things, too! Have you always wanted to start an evening class, what’s that one thing you’ve always wanted to try, but have never got around to it? Mine is pottery! I am desperate to make some mugs! It’s on my list of things to do in 2023 so I will try to make it happen! Whatever it is that you are craving to try, just do it!

4. Enjoy Seasonal Offerings. With so many wholesome, nourishing & delicious foods to get creative in the kitchen with, Spring really is the time to let your culinary skills go wild! Fresh fruit in abundance, salads and lots of raw foods will make your gut microbiome do a little happy dance ~ keeping things moving prevents toxin build-up within the body. Happy gut - happy mind.

5. Send Some Happy Mail. Spreading kindness like peanut butter (or chocolate spread/marmite), is what life is all about. Kindness has a ripple effect and no gesture of kindness is ever wasted. Sending some Happy Mail to a loved one is the perfect way to share some love this Spring & with some amazing new products added to the build-your-own boxes, there’s no better way to send some ripples of kindness out into the world. Random Acts of Kindness Day was a few weeks ago & I gave-out some little parcels of self care joy to some lovely people in my town. It was actually a beautiful opportunity for me to chat to people and to give them a little boost. It made me feel happy & I know that they felt happy with their parcels of self care to take home. See build-your-own box options here & take a browse of the April ‘Wild & Free’ box which is now live.

6. Breathe It All In, Look Up & Be Mindful Of The Little Things. Taking time, even if it’s a few minutes to “just be” & to take some deep and healing breaths can do wonders for your wellbeing. Beautiful, crisp & fresh Spring air with pretty flowers blossoming all around is such a delicious combination; a feast for the senses! Noticing the little things in your day can really make a difference & will remind you to be present and to soak-up the beauty that is springing to life everywhere.

7. Charge Your Crystals The Full Pink Moon. Citrine, Moonstone & clear Quartz are the perfect crystals to welcome-in the new season. Place them on your windowsill over the Full Moon & let the majestic energy of the Moon activate their healing potency. Keeping crystals close-by can bring a sense of tranquility, serenity and balance (amongst other benefits), & they can become a part of your wellness routine.

8. Connect. Reach-out & connect. Meeting-up with a friend for a chat and a coffee can really help to press the reset button & with the warmer days fast-approaching, there’ll be lots more opportunities to enjoy your coffee in the sunshine! I cannot wait!

Spring brings the promise of hope-renewed, of new beginnings & it represents a symbolic re-birth of the senses, an awakening of the energies that have been patiently building ready to burst into life, just as the vibrant daffodil or parma violet bluebell basking in the warm sunshine.

“A flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it, it just blooms” ~ You are completely, uniquely perfect just as you are and you deserve to be happy. It’s okay to feel sad & be happy, to be grieving & feel happy, to feel uncertain about your next step and be happy. Your emotions are valid and there is no light without shade; when you allow yourself to rest for a while, you can truly appreciate the joy & happiness that the light can bring.

Be Happy, Be Brave, Be You.

All my love & encouragement,

Holly xxx



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