Monthly Mantras ~ October

Hi everyone! We’ve arrived at a brand new month again and September, for me, seemed to pass in an instant! I am excited to stay that each month, I will be sharing some mantras to make you feel good. It’s a nice way to begin the month and it can really give us some direction with how we would like the days to unfold. 

I wanted to start by saying something about the human spirit. We are searchers, seekers, we are adaptable, able to bend and move and shape ourselves, we are strong, we can move like a flowing river, all of our instincts enable us to work with any situation we are presented with. We can rely upon ourselves and the lessons we’ve learnt along the way on this journey called life will not let us down! We must give ourselves credit for how brilliant and amazing we are and we must take courage from the bright, burning spirit we have within us.

The world we are living in at the moment is still somewhat uncertain, despite restrictions being lifted, and after a long stint of having our emotions tested, it’s absolutely understandable if we feel a little lacklustre. So, at this time, more than ever, it’s crucial that we look after ourselves and each other. With this in mind, here are my top tips for making Autumn a little bit easier:

1. Nourish. Eating a balanced, wholesome diet is the foundation of good health. Everything stems from this and planning meals, batch-cooking, making soups & nourishing stews could be the best thing for maintaining a super-duper immune system; absolutely paramount right now. Think ahead, plan and try to eat a broad array of different foods, particularly high-fibre foods that will feed the good bacteria in the gut.

2. Take a probiotic supplement. I’ve taken these for years and they’re very effective at keeping the gut flora balanced. A thriving gut microbiome is the first line of defence for the immune system and when the meadow of the gut is varied, healthy and balanced, the health benefits are far-reaching. I take BioCare Bioacidophilus alongside their Pregnancy & Lactation Formula supplement, both of which are amazing. 

3. Move. Movement is so important for many different health reasons. Even if we can’t get outside for our usual dose of walking, running, rambling; we can do some things at home. During the first lockdown, I had to be quite careful about the types of exercise I did as I had an emergency C-section. I am able to do most things now which feels amazing so I’ll be using my time wisely to factor-in some stretches, light weights and some cardio. Whatever you are able to do, go for it. Getting the blood pumping is a great way to lift our mood and our spirits.

4. Get Crafting. If you are that way inclined, of course! I dusted-off my sewing machine this afternoon and I’m going to start making things! Anything! Using our hands to create, draw, paint, sew, can be a really fulfilling and worthwhile way to use our time. I am a sucker for a box set like the next person but I always find real joy in setting aside some time to make stuff whether it’s jewellery, a cushion, a smoothie bowl. Allowing our inner child and our creativity to run-free can feel really good and when we stack-up the things that make us feel good, we take huge leaps in ensuring that our mental health is being nurtured.

5. Write it down. Yep. Get your thoughts on to paper. The potency of the physical act of writing with regards to our mental wellbeing is truly undeniable and keeping a journal can be cathartic and grounding in equal measure. This is something I do a lot and I find that it helps me to make sense of gnarly emotions, it enables me to un-jumble my thoughts and it gives me both distance from and perspective about something that might be on my mind. I’m also a huge stationery geek so any excuse to find a beautiful new notebook! 

These are my Top 5 things to do when things get a bit tough. I also listen to House music, look up at the sky, paint my nails, eat some chocolate, watch a Christmas movie, call a friend, do some housework, make a smoothie, chant nam-myoho-renge-kyo; all of which I try to squeeze-in whilst River naps. My heart & soul, beautiful baby boy. 

October Monthly Mantras:

This too shall pass.

I am doing great.

nurture my mind, body & soul.

I will not be hard on myself.

I am strong and my experiences imbue with resilience.

I am able to overcome anything.

I will not speak disparagingly about myself.

My feelings are valid and I matter.

It's okay to feel a little overwhelmed sometimes.

I am worthy.

All my love and encouragement,

Holly xxx